“She is a sensitive musician…Her playing is graceful, lyrical, detailed and intimate.”

Tim Page, The New York Times


“Timmons soars with the eagles. She plays with vitality and élan.”

Fanfare Magazine


“A fitting memorial to Bergsma’s enduring affection for the piano. Crisp, lively and colorful playing.”

Melinda Bargreen, The Seattle Times


 “In Timmons’ hands, all the colors Liszt splashed through his piano writing were there in full rainbow strength. Gorgeously controlled with passionate technique…”

The Oregonian


“Exceptional brilliance. Sensitive and convincingly clear in her musical statement.”

Neue Tiroler Zeitung, Innsbruck, Austria


 “The decisiveness of the bow [Laura Klugherz] and vitality of the keyboard were memorable. The performers made a grand display of technique and wonderful sound.”

El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile


 “Timmons’ virtuosity and emotion give her performance a special quality. Quality, not incidentally, is the keynote of a Timmons’ performance.”

The Wickenburg Sun, Wickenburg, Arizona


“These artists [Timmons and Cohen] convey the joy and beauty of the music with accuracy and vigor, if not the last degree of spit-and-polish precision.”

Fanfare Magazine


“The Cohen/Timmons Duo captures a great sense of wit and effervescence, as well as remarkable unity in this fetching CD [In Tandem].

Melinda Bargreen, The Seattle Times.


“There was great sensitivity and elegance in their interpretation of some of the well-known standards for two pianos. Both artists [Jill Timmons and Bernard Job] played with complicity and subtlety in their glances and their touch, giving the impression of a duo with a long career behind them. One of the highlights was their superb rendition of Camille Saint-Saëns’ Variations on a Theme by Beethoven.

La Nouvelle République, Cour-Cheverny, France